Build Lean Build Agile

Lean and Agile Construction have successfully applied Takt planning on various construction projects including utility restorations, building 1st fix installations and in room fit-out and finishes. We utilise the concepts of Takt to prepare phase & lookahead plans within the Last Planner System on our projects.

Takt is the German word for beat, the regularity with which something gets done. Takt encompasses core concepts of Lean but is rarely witnessed in traditional construction planning. It aims to break the construction process down into smaller work tasks of equal duration, which can be completed at a steady rhythm, which leads to greater predictability in the planning and delivery process.  Takt planning introduces the concept of the assembly line, rooted in manufacturing (especially automobile assembly lines), into construction processes. This model makes takt particularly useful when repetitive tasks exist in the construction process. While the Phase and Look-ahead functions of LPS break the tasks into finer levels of granularity, takt can complement the planning process by forcing consideration of space and time, as well as capacity (crew sizes).