Build Lean Build Agile

We offer construction scheduling, planning and process mapping support services at operations level. We conduct an in-depth review and analysis of your Primavera, Microsoft Project, or Milestone Plan Schedule from Level 1 through to Level 4 and can provide a detailed Level 5 schedule.

Our positive outcomes reduce stress on project teams and optimise performance by offering ‘outside eyes’ to de-risk schedules and support onsite coordination of activities. Existing schedules are utilised to facilitate focused, interactive and collaborative sessions with the entire project team to deliver the following:

  • workable 3 to 4-month phase plans
  • 6-week look-aheads
  • making work ready constraints/blockers lists
  • co-ordinated inter-trade process maps
  • agile scrum teams to prioritise design department deliverables
  • resource loaded, safety screened, weekly work plans with aligned commitments
  • facilitated daily huddles to track progress and rapidly adjust weekly plans
  • weekly reports of on-site progress and identify early warnings
  • coached problem-solving sessions utilising DMAIC, A3, 5 Whys techniques
  • improvement projects to sustain organisational learning outcomes.

Our planning engineers are P6, Microsoft Project, Last Planner, Takt Planning, Agile and Scrum competent. We can coach to a level where we can withdraw and let the project team proceed. We utilise latest software packages for operations level planning.