Build Lean Build Agile

Lean and Agile Construction have an extensive suite of Lean & Lean Construction tools & techniques that focus on prioritising the flow of work to construction and design crews. Many of these tools are most effective if they are implemented as a suite however, individually they can be applied to resolve specific issues within your business.

Generally, the focused application any Lean Construction tool will lead you to enhance the value of your project; through identification of value, removal of impediments to flow, recognising imperfect processes, clearing of waste, enabling collaborative work practices, and setting up a climate of continuous improvement, knowledge sharing, & problem solving.  

The creation of Flow leading to the generation of increased Customer Value is a critical objective of Lean Construction therefore, tools that focus on removing impediments to workflow, promote collaboration across stakeholders, and prioritise Value creation over short-term gains are critical enablers. 

We have listed some key tools of Lean and Lean Construction that will improve safety, quality, planning, schedule, cost, collaboration, teamwork and Value on your construction project.