Build Lean Build Agile

Six Tenets of Lean Project Delivery
Lean Construction Institute

To improve productivity, construction has set itself the target of moving away from functional thinking and towards the production-based philosophy found in manufacturing. Most people agree that improvements in construction processes are a means to achieving this goal.

The aim is to move towards a focus on the process, or “process thinking”, and process-based organisations. To achieve this, managers in construction need to shift thinking from traditional functional or task-oriented structures to focusing on the processes and how these processes interface with the client. The process focus reduces the communication barriers between the various disciplines, departments, and supply chain partners; the primary motivation is the project, the customer, and the company’s sustainability.

Key areas to address in any implementation would be

  • Creation of a Lean vision and strategy.
  • Engagement of leadership in creating a Lean climate to align with desired transformed work processes.
  • Embedding a climate of continuous improvement within the workforce, based on education and real-time improvement projects, developing existing systems, SOP’s, guidelines, & processes.
  • Creation of tiered communication stages to manage the business.
  • Adoption of key techniques and tools of Lean, Lean Construction, & Agile as standard work within business operations (Production Planning, Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis & Intervention Implementation).
  • Development and promotion of a holistic, healthy, & mindful work environment.
  • Development of a Lean, Green, & Sustainable business system.