Build Lean Build Agile

Lean & Agile Construction are experienced across all phases of the project delivery process, from conceptual development to final commissioning and startup. We have successfully applied tools of Lean & Lean Construction across projects with particular focus on the areas of handover, for example, from design to construction and from construction to commissioning or the client start up.

The phases of delivery in a Lean Project Delivery System™ (LPDS) illustrates how each phase becomes an interactive, recursive conversation between all stakeholders, resulting in everyone getting a better understanding of the deliverable while also having a voice that assists in Value delivery.

When utilising LPDS, the mission of the project delivery team is changed from not only providing what the customer wants, but initially assisting the customer in deciding what they need. The overall approach of the LPDS is that project teams commence by helping customers decide what they want and not just insist they do what they are told, as exists in the traditional definition.

The benefits of LPDS will only be achieved with a change in culture and in the way team members relate with each other in a more open collaborative environment. Collaborative programming involves all stakeholders and builds strongly on the concept of ‘next customer’ to understand the interfaces on a project; this is where transparency is increased while building trust, and this leads to the growth of a common understanding of all aspects of the project. As well as having a common understanding among participants in the project delivery process, it is fundamental that the customer is also involved as the customer must be part of the Value generation process; and a shared common understanding of Value will align all parties towards the project’s goals.