Build Lean Build Agile

The primary objective of Lean & Agile Construction is to challenge the thinking around construction being “traditional and slow to change”.

Lean, Last Planner® System, Integrated Project Delivery, Target Value Design, Takt, 5S, A3 Problem Solving, and the concepts of Agile & Scrum all form the basis of a response to client and supply chain dissatisfaction with the outputs and results of construction.

Construction labour efficiency and productivity has remained stagnant while manufacturing and production efficiency has almost doubled since the 1960s. Construction, while being a critical economic sector, is now seen as a financial burden on Global economies; largely because of its reluctance or its inability to change its traditional working practices and its inertia towards adopting new and innovative ways of working, for example Lean.

Currently, 70% of projects are over budget, are of substandard quality, and are delivered late. The sector still sees far too many deaths and injuries per year. Traditionally, much of the focus of Construction Project Management has been on the tools and processes. However, research asserts that it is the cultural and behavioural aspects of management that need focused coaching and training. In effect, these become the ‘Enabling Systems’ that create the baseline for the transition to new working practices in the rest of the organisation to be effective.