Build Lean Build Agile

The best sports persons, business and political leaders all have one thing in common - they all have a coach.

A coach isn’t just there to help you achieve your initial goals - your coach is with you along the way, continually pushing you and your team to achieve even greater results. With our Lean Construction Coaching we will assist and free up your time so you can focus on running your projects while enabling your team to backfill your workload.

We coach and mentor your team to execute and deliver projects in the way you want them run, ensuring both your project margin and client’s satisfaction is consistently achieved.

Lean Construction Coaching can interject positive change and enthusiasm by introducing collaborative project engagements. Traditional projects often are managed in a command-and-control environment and don’t take advantage of the expertise offered by all members of the team. To execute a construction project, people from disparate organisations, often with competing agendas, come together to achieve a big result under pressure. Technical competencies are the starting point, but it takes people skills to knit them together. It is from the gap where those skills should be that many of construction’s problems arise.

Our tools and techniques are simple and easy to start using right away, anywhere, any time. It works in any situation where people come together to produce a result. We utilise Last Planner, Scrum and Agile frameworks to coach and mentor the project team from project business case through to operationalisation. This approach ensures people management and development are to the fore.

We combine coaching skills and inputs with mentoring based on our in-depth project experience. We will get you and your team from where you currently are, to where you want to be, in a way that works for you.