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About Lean and Agile Construction

Lean and Agile Construction is a Training and Consultancy provider specialising in the implementation and coaching of Lean tools in the construction sector.

Lean and Agile Construction’s goal is to leverage the opportunity that exists in construction to improve its productivity by enabling Lean, Agile & Collaborative working practices, while enhancing client value and the sustainability of the sector. Lean Construction consultancy, training, and the focused application of specific Lean tools and thinking can identify and dramatically reduce wasteful processes embedded within traditional construction project delivery methodology.

Resources for a Lean & Agile Future

In this website we have proposed information on the application of Lean and Agile thinking to supplement existing management and delivery models. We propose the use of specific tools of Lean, Lean Construction, Theory of Constraints, Project Production Management, and Agile that have been proven on the worksite and in home-office support operations. Take a look around and get in touch if you need more information.

Building Lean and Agile in Partnership

Working in partnership to deliver Lean in construction throughout Ireland and beyond ...